New beginnings

After a while studying in the school of Hermandad de La Diosa Blanca ( sisterhood/ brotherhood of the White Goddess ) a coven located in Mexico City and Carmen Orellana Tarwe, as my teacher and priestess, I had such an amazing journey of discovery, learning and practicing witchcraft as I haven’t done it in all my years as a pagan. But there are circumstances in life, that I had to come across and decide to focus only in one thing. At that time I was also studying a Master’s degree in Business ( muggle life after all ). I did a serious thinking on what would be a better choice I focus on, I didn’t had the time nor the energy to study both. I decided that one was only a degree and the other one was a life’s path and eventually I would be on that road again. So I stopped my pagan ways for 8 more months and focus in my degree.

Now, that I finally finish and proudly own a masters I can focus in my spirit path. So, it came…

I enter, in my hometown, at a healing center, to Learn about Theta Healing ®. So I took the first course, called Basic DNA 2. I felt very excited because of two things, first: my teacher is and old friend and classmate, we went from kindergarten up to high school in the same class. So it was nice to see her again. And second: we mention that this technic doesn’t interfere with my pagan ways.

What a perfect way to return!

So the class started and many of the subjects and information explain during the 3 days of the course wasn’t new to me, but it was nice to complement the bits and pieces of new info with the old one. Soon u realize that I came across an amazing technic.

First of all I had to say that the original founder of this healing process is Viana Stibal. Later in the blog I’ll add a small biography.

3 weeks later after I finish Basic DNA, she offers the advance Course. Which obviously I decided to take. What a great course it was, new classmates and a lot of healing occur in that weekend and I’ve learn so much more! I start to believe this path became a fast track and definitely a new beginning towards facing the future, healing and programming.

What a great feeling!