Part of a non-existent Community

It is really frustrating for me, to be part of a city that is virtually pagan free. Although I have been looking for more pagans near me their “flames” extinguish really fast.

Been a solo practitioner not only keep me sometimes in the dark, also the lack of information like books aren’t exactly accessible for me. I have been bliss many times to travel abroad and find book related to Wicca, paganism and the craft in general.  But again, practice all this alone tastes bittersweet. Last attempt to form a Coven this 2012 I´ll have to be more proactive and try to maintain everyone who like to join and learn interested.

That´s all for now. Thank you for reading

4 thoughts on “Part of a non-existent Community

  1. Hey, good to meet you, and it is a real downer for you, but you have the internet, and there is a vast network of Paths and Faiths which are classed as Pagan out here. There is no shortage of information on line, so you do not really need to buy books.

    Have you a public library which has a selection of Occult/Pagan books, if not then leave a request at the desk, and when you borrow the books you can leave an email address for others to contact you, and you will know that they are local to you.

    Walk in Faith and Balance

    • Wow!! Thanks for the reply! I always get exited when brothers and sisters pagans reach out to me. As I mention on my post I live in a small city, we do have public libraries and in the universities as well but the lack of a pagan / occult section is the problem. During the years I collected books from various authors and also books that people pass me via PDF. So, yeah. The interpretation that I ( as a solo practitioner ) is my own. I’m glad, because recently I celebrate Mabon in Mexico City and the Pagan Proud Day so I meet a lot of people it was so much fun!! And I learn a lot.

      Anyways that’s my story… As many others in my country should be suffering from this. LOL

      Bright Blessings!!

      • That is always a good way to meet others, top cool. About the university, they should have a suggestion box, and you can suggest Pagan/witchcraft books and you do not have to leave your name, depends on the general view of Witchcraft and Paganism in Mexico. I know that it has worked in the US and here in the UK.

        Also check out the “Mind/Body/Soul” or “Mythology” or “New Age” sections of the Library and the big book stores. I know that here you can sit and read at the Waterstones book Shops, so you may be lucky there.

        This is just an off-chance but do you have a New Age type shop in your city?

        Anyhow, stay lucky my friend

        Walk in Faith and Balance

  2. Right my friend, I have never done a reading over distance before, so I am unsure how this is going to work for you, but what you must remember is to focus on each word and write down what that word means to you, I asked for Guidance and used your User Name and Country.

    Self – Wait
    Direction – Fate
    Hope – Master
    Fear – Lord
    Past – Barren
    Present – Rebirth
    Future – Change
    Help -Quiet
    Hinder – Life
    Influences – End
    Environment – Sour
    Outcome – Light

    Walk in Faith and Balance

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