Blessed by the Gods

There are times in my life when I feel the Gods near me. The pass few weeks it has been that sensation on and on. I feel safe, guarded and confident. Two buglers tried to take my phone and laptop from me they pointed their guns and all. Everything happen so fast. The keep telling me

Give me everything

and I was like

everything, what?

and Everytime they asked me to hand over my stuff I keep asking the same question. What do you really want? Eventually ( and fortunately ) a car pass by and they for scared and flee they didn’t take anything from me. That is why I really believed I was guarded by a wonderful angel, protector or / and the Gods. The Beatles said

All you need is love

I think “all you need is FAITH

Faith in Love, in the other, in my country, my community, my people, my religion etcetera.

I think of the hurt pride of the mugglers and how they left empty handed. I am worry if they want to come back and finish the job.

Thank you for reading.

Part of a non-existent Community

It is really frustrating for me, to be part of a city that is virtually pagan free. Although I have been looking for more pagans near me their “flames” extinguish really fast.

Been a solo practitioner not only keep me sometimes in the dark, also the lack of information like books aren’t exactly accessible for me. I have been bliss many times to travel abroad and find book related to Wicca, paganism and the craft in general.  But again, practice all this alone tastes bittersweet. Last attempt to form a Coven this 2012 I´ll have to be more proactive and try to maintain everyone who like to join and learn interested.

That´s all for now. Thank you for reading